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Thousands of farmers and others across Ontario care for farm animals everyday, and there are always opportunities to continually improve how we care for.

What is IMPACT?

Farm & Food Care’s IMPACT program delivers practical training in order to foster improved skills and confidence in animal handling. IMPACT will build on the good work and resources already established in Canada, while expanding into a more complete multispecies training program.

From the new hire to the experienced farmer, IMPACT will have something for everyone. 

Who should get involved? 

Anyone who works with farm animals:
• Farmers
• Stockpeople and barn employees
• Vets and vet technicians
• Transporters and catchers
• Sales barn and processing staff

From conversations to tech savvy - Not your Grandpa’s factsheet.

IMPACT will provide a variety of unique resources and training opportunities including:
• Smartphone apps
• Webinar presentations
• Interactive online e-learning 
• Breakfast and kitchen table meetings
• Hands-on workshops
• And more!